Want to Engage with CEOs at an Event – Try this Strategy

“Everybody there is trying to get their attention. Everybody there is trying to get something from them. I feel like it’s just much better to figure out what we have in common.”

Entrepreneurs often attend events or conferences to meet new people and widen their networks. Most of the time, influential people, and CEOs of global companies are also present in such events. Getting the opportunity to talk to them is not always easy.

Building rapport online beforehand can really help you be able to connect with CEOs on the day of the event. You can connect with these influential people through their social media platforms to start small talk. This is likely to go on until the event itself. Building small talk and getting to know each other is much better than making it look like you want something from them.

On this episode, we will be sharing a strategy you can use to engage with CEOs at an event. We will also be highlighting the importance of adding value and building rapport with people for the benefit of your business.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • How to engage with CEOs at an event
  • How to build rapport with CEOs
  • Why it’s important to add value first before selling your business
  • And a lot more…

Watch this episode today to learn how to engage and connect with CEOs at an event!

Jean Ginzburg is a #1 best-selling author, award-winning digital marketing expert and the founder of JeanGinzburg.com. Her passion is helping businesses thrive and achieve their ROI goals with digital marketing. Jean has grown hundreds of businesses, including nuamerous businesses to 7 figure results. She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc.com, Forbes and Huff Post.

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