Products and Subscriptions

Over the years, Jean Ginzburg has developed dozens of products in various disciplines - from entrepreneurship, how to start a business and Facebook ads courses . Below are the latest products and subscriptions.

'In it to Win It' Group Coaching Program

I have been doing group coaching for years in a closed group and just recently opened up the program to entrepreneurs. This program will motivate you to move your business and achieve your entrepreneurial goals! We cover topics from how to set up your corporate entity, to landing page optimization to Facebook pixels and everything in between.



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The NEW Facebook Pixel Guide

In 2016 Facebook updated their pixel to just one pixel (before it was a retargeting pixel and a conversion pixel). I have created an easy-to-follow, free guide on how to set up your Facebook pixel for WordPress, SquareSpace and Shopify. Without your Facebok pixel, you will have not insight into your Facebook ad spend or ROI.


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The NEW Facebook Pixel Done-for-You Service

The NEW Facebook pixel can be confusing - which code goes where..... And how do you track your conversions? I know - it can be frustrating. My team and I have set up the NEW Facebook pixel hundreds of times. And we will set it up for you! 



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