Increase Your Conversions With Landing Pages

Landing pages are crucial when it comes to a successful marketing campaign. This is because landing pages get more conversions than sending your audience directly to your homepage. When you’re on Facebook or Google and see an ad, you will see a lot of links leading directly to homepages or shopping carts. Not many of them are sent to landing pages, which is a big mistake. Every marketer should know how to make landing pages work for them.


Landing Page Versus Homepage

When a person clicks on a link or offer and they’re taken to the advertiser’s homepage, the conversion rate is quite a bit lower than if they were redirected to a landing page. Landing pages are more targeted and focused on getting people to buy your product or sign up for your newsletter.

Statistically, 44% of clicks for B2C companies are directed to a homepage and not to a landing page. Advertisers lose so many conversions because of this mistake. A homepage is designed merely to share information about your company, it’s not intended to get users to buy your products or sign up for an opt-in lead form.

About 62% of companies that use landing pages have six or fewer of them, which is better than nothing but it’s still not enough. You need to have a lot of landing pages because you want a specific landing page linked to each ad that users might click on.


Effective Landing Page Channels

Direct response channels typically deliver good results. These channels include Google Ads, Facebook, and email marketing. Regardless of your goal – having a user sign up for a lead magnet, put in their email address for a lead capture, or purchase a product – you want to send that direct response traffic to a specific landing page.


Make an Offer

Lead magnets work really well in terms of offers. A lead magnet is a free piece of content that draws the user in and allows the advertiser to ask them for their email address, which turns into a lead capture. Lead magnets can be anything from a checklist to a free eBook or free PDF. These pieces of content are a great way to add value and give your user the chance to get to know your company a little better.

Additional offers can be in the form of free trials and newsletter sign-ups. Of course, you can offer these somewhere on the website’s homepage as well, but it’s best to have a dedicated landing page for this.

Another great offer is a webinar sign-up. Webinars are very popular these days, you can take advantage of this by sending your traffic directly to a webinar instead of merely having them sign up on a homepage!


Architecture and Content

There are various tools and software available to use to help you design your landing pages. However, there are a few things to keep in mind in terms of the architecture and content of your landing page. First off, you want to have a headline that draws users into whatever it is that you’re offering. You also need to have some copy that describes your offer and highlights what’s in it for them if they sign up.

Another thing to have on your landing pages is hidden navigation, you don’t want to overwhelm your traffic with too many links. You’ll need to hide your nav bar, any links back to your homepage, and any other pages on your website. This makes the lead magnet the true focus of the landing page. That being said, always leave social sharing buttons visible, as these are essential for users to share your offer on their accounts.

Finally, the most important feature of your landing page is your call-to-action. You’ll want buttons in the right places, not just the bottom because making them scroll down might lose them. Put your call to action in a few places throughout the page, make it more accessible for your users.


Software For Landing Pages

I personally use and recommend Optimized Press because it’s easy to set up and use. Other software that has been recommended to me include Lead Pages, Click Funnels and Instapage. Most of these are easy to use, and you’ll need all the help you can get when it comes to making those conversions!

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