How a New Digital Course Creator Went from $0 to Six Figures in a Year

I want to introduce you to Ally Lozano, an immigration attorney. Ally has been creating digital courses for a couple of years now, and we’ve been working together for much of that time..  

I’ve been such a prominent preacher on digital courses because they are an amazing way to bring in revenue into your business without having to trade time for money constantly. Trust me,that is a huge, huge benefit. 

The main detriment to scaling your business is that you’re always working with clients. You’re always trading time for dollars. It’s not scalable unless you open an agency or consultancy where people work for you, and then you’re paying them for their time. 

What’s an entrepreneur to do? What if you’re working on your own or you only have a small team? How do you scale in a way that won’t be very difficult? 

Our answer is digital courses. You can push these to many, many people at the same time, all paying you at the same time too. You get this revenue stream for your business and you’re no longer trading time for dollars. 

That’s why I’m introducing you to  Ally Lozano. She’s sharing her story about how she got into digital courses,  plus the why and how it’s helped her business.


Meet Ally Lozano

This is Ally’s story of how we started working together and building Ally’s business:

Jean and I’ve been working together for about a year and a half, and it’s really changed everything for me. I’m a lawyer, and I also teach women lawyers how to run successful law practices. 

At first, I started with a webinar and people could sign up for it and every month. I kind of had to figure out how to market it. So this is all preaching. Then I had the idea of doing a paid membership because it’s exactly what Jean said. 

I asked, ‘How can I create more revenue where I don’t have to be involved in the day-to-day doing of it?’ 

I thought about the gym.They ask for an ongoing payment that a lot of people pay even when they’re not working out. So I said, well, why not do something like that with a digital courses membership?


Paid memberships right for any lawyer 

Jean came in and helped me create a tiered system to attract more clients. Now, I have a monthly membership that has different subscriptions  with a unique list of offerings at the different tiers. 

There’s a really low-priced entry tier and then all the way up to a higher price premium tier. 

Every month, I create content, and every month they get it out there. And now we have goals in place forhow much we want to grow that content to get more revenue on a monthly basis. 

So in addition to that, I created a personal brand outside of my law firm.

Launching my brand and growing it has been where Jean and I have worked together and I had some great ideas for digital courses.


Getting started scaling with digital courses

I knew what I wanted to say, but didn’t really know exactly how to market a digital course. But, I’ve already started to see the benefits of it thanks to some help from Jean. 

I started by creating a course that I really had wanted to create. Jean helped me figure out what platform to use, how to make it, all of that strategy of how to put it together. That’s honestly much harder than you would think. 

Just figuring out how to make a course and where to put it is honestly super overwhelming. 

It doesn’t matter if this is your side hustle as people say, or if it’s your full time thing. It’s very time consuming to figure all this out. Jean helped me with that. And then we did our first launch.

Create now, revenue later

We met all of our launch goals. 

Of course, your first launch is going to be a smaller launch because no one knows about the product or anything like that. But then we relaunched the digital course again. It more than doubled.

So, it’s really already started to show how you put in the work in the beginning, create on the front end, and then you see the benefits and the revenue later without ever really having to do that much again. 

Breaking free with a smart plan B

The legal profession is built on trading hours for dollars.It’s a zero-sum game because, at the end of the day, you max out. You can’t do this all the time.

And so I’m like, “Whoa!  What’s my exit plan, my plan B?” 

When I look at my life, my plans, my husband, I have five kids, we’d like to travel a lot. We like to go to New Mexico a lot and we want to move there eventually. So how can I create a sustainable business without me having to be involved every day? 

And that is what digital courses have been able to give me, and I’m still just building it. I still have my law firm, that’s still my full-time job. I stay with my venture capitals for all my other things. 

But as I build my law firm, I’m teaching others how to build a successful law firm. So, it and these digital classes go hand-in-hand. It’s right for me right now. 

Having someone guide me and put together a launch strategy was a big help because it’s all a massive process. As we grew more and made another launch, we definitely saw a much more significant uptake. And it should grow again next time.


The easy and hard parts of digital courses

The commitment on the second time around to launch the course is much smaller because you’ve already done the course itself.  You’ve already created it, so it’s basically like printing money at that point – with just a little bit of effort for the launch. 

If you’re on the fence and you want to create a digital course, I really do recommend working with someone because a lot of it is like you’re spinning your wheels trying to figure out the next step, where you can work. 

Someone like Jean already knows the next steps to take. I think that my whole business would have been more profitable if I had her guidance from the beginning because it’s difficult. 

I know I keep saying it, but it is really true. People see others out there making digital courses and they think it’s easy, but it’s not. As a creator, you can build your course. That’s not the tough part. The hardest part is putting it together, getting it out there, and then having someone to guide you to success there. 

One of the things that happened when we were launching the first one, we weren’t on track to get the numbers that I wanted.

Jean had a strategy session. We did a last-minute shift. Just one last-minute addition of a webinar about a certain topic ended up getting a lot more people in the door.It really helped us. 

It is so great to be able to make money from digital courses. And the way to really make it isn’t just to have an excellent digital course, but also get guidance on how to put  your course in front of more people. 

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