Posted on March 17th, 2020

Have you found your tribe? You need them.

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Your tribe–this is your community of like-minded people. In my previous blog, I talked about mentors. And mentors can come from your tribe. 

You don’t always have to ask or hire someone to be your mentor. Being open to advice and the expertise and experiences of others is already a mentorship. 

To source that, you need your community. 

Don’t leave yourself alone

When I first started this business seven years ago, my self-doubt was huge and loud. As I’ve said in my other blogs and videos, a lot of this has to do with perfectionism. 

Many entrepreneurs become business owners because of our Type-A personalities. We’re high-achieving workaholics. But on the flipside, we’re also impatient, sensitive and anxious. 

So we’re afraid of what other people will say, because we’re status-conscious. Other people’s comments can easily shatter our view of our reputation and abilities. 

I see this very often with entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to being recorded on video and putting themselves out on social media. 

Entrepreneurs– especially female entrepreneurs who have thrice as many restrictive societal expectations as men– can be really hesitant about getting out there, posting on social media or doing Facebook Live, because they’re afraid of what othersmight think. 

You might get nasty comments. You can probably already see them in your mind even before you post. This anxiety can beso crippling, but it’s also so easily remedied by believing in yourself and getting the right input to keep believing in yourself to stay in the mindset of growth and success. 

That “right input” comes from the right people. 

Find the right people

The nasty comments do happen. The important thing is not letting those nasty comments get to you. Remember, those people aren’t paying your bills. And more importantly, they’re not your people. 

Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded people. Maybe it’s women’s groups, entrepreneurs’ groups, women entrepreneurs’ groups. Find them. Join your tribe. 

These groups will support you and uplift you. They’re going through similar things in their lives,  entrepreneurs going through the same challenges. 

Connect with them, talk to them. It’s a give and take of support and encouragement. Your tribe will remind you of your worth, whenever you begin to doubt it. This is critical for your entrepreneurial journey.