The Difference Between the Old and New Facebook Pixel

“Facebook decided that they’re going to create one pixel to rule them all…”

Many advertisers on Facebook are used to the old Facebook pixel. Truth be told, some don’t even know what a pixel even is. Well, if you want to create effective Facebook ad campaigns, you must first learn about the new Facebook pixel and how it’s different from the old one.

On this episode, I discuss the difference between the old and new Facebook pixel. We’ll also cover the importance of using pixels for analytics to optimize your ads and focus on getting a high ROI. Facebook pixels aren’t that complicated at all and after watching this episode, I’m sure you’ll be able to run higher converting Facebook ads in no time!

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • What pixels are and how they can help you optimize, add, and, remove ad campaigns
  • How old Facebook pixels (retargeting pixel and conversion pixel) used to work
  • All about the new Facebook pixel and why it’s better for advertisers
  • How you can start using the new Facebook pixel on your website pages
  • And a lot more…

Watch this episode today and learn how you can increase your advertising ROI with Facebook targeting!

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