Are You Trading Time for $$$?


What if I told you there was another way? Where you didn’t have to trade time for $$$ and didn’t have to have demanding clients?

Drum roll, please…….

Digital Courses! 

Digital courses have so many possibilities for your business. Maybe you’re thinking about creating a course. Or maybe you’ve already created your course and you’ve put it out there, or

The benefits of creating your digital course

Digital courses are a great way to bring in more revenue into your business without having to work on an hourly basis. If you have an area of expertise, and you’ve been working for clients for a very long time, trading hours for dollars, a digital course for your business gives you credibility, more revenue, and more time. 

It allows you to spend more time on your business, or more time with your kids ( if you have kids) or be a digital nomad. That’s one of the reasons I started creating digital course was to have the ability to travel and not be tied to an office. 

Instead of working one on one with demanding clients, you can create a course and it can be pushed out to many people at once. You make money and help people while you spend time on something else: your family, your hobbies, and even growing your business with the help of the passive revenue from your course. 

Haven’t created your digital course yet? 

If you haven’t created your digital course – no problem! Everybody can create a digital course around their business. Maybe you’re an expert on relationships, or perhaps you’ve been professionally trained on communications, or you’re a developer or a graphic designer – any professional business can generate revenue with your area of expertise. 

Anything that you do, there’s a process related to it that you typically share with your clients or do for your clients. 

You can put your processes into a digital course, which you can sell to multiple and multiple numbers of people without having to trade time for dollars.


E-learning is at its peak and will continue to grow

From research and market trends, e-learning will grow to $325 billion by the year 2025. Over the next five years, we’re going to see a growth rate of over 10% for the e-learning industry. 

This is the time to get on the bandwagon if you’re interested in creating passive income for your business.


My Five Day Challenge 

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