7 Best Meditation Apps For A Busy Lifestyle

Managing your business can take a toll on your health, but having a go-to meditation app can help calm your nerves and relieve stress and anxiety. While having too many apps can lead to app overload, and possibly result in more stress than productivity, having the right ones that do their job can really help you improve your mindset.

Here are some of the best meditation apps, in my opinion, to have on your phone.


Insight Timer

This app has over 1,000 meditation practitioners with 4,500 free guided meditations, as well as 750 meditation music tracks. Have a unique experience by customizing your meditations with its tool intervals and background sounds. Purchasing a monthly subscription lets you listen offline.


The Mindfulness App

This app features a 5-day guided meditation practice, well-placed reminders for relaxation times, and other attributes based on your own meditation habits. If you’re particularly conscious of your health throughout the day, you can integrate this with your other health apps. This works best if you include regular meditation in your daily life. You can also unlock more features with a premium subscription!



If you’re just starting your meditation routine, this app is ideal for you. With its free trial of 10 exercises, you can learn more about meditation and gradually incorporate it into your daily routine. They have a personalized progress page, a reward system for meditation streaks, and a buddy system that lets you connect with other users to help you stay on track.

This app also provides short meditations for when you’re short on time, and it has a warm interface that presents its well-organized list of courses with fun illustrations. More features are available when you become a member of their premium subscription.



Once you’ve gotten into meditation, this app provides a wide range of guided meditations for you to enjoy. Its selections include sessions ranging from 3 minutes to 25 minutes. You can also use the Daily Calm feature, which is a 10-minute program you can include in your routine. The app also has sleep stories, soothing sounds, unguided meditations, and breathing exercises. They also offer a premium subscription option for people who want access to more features.


Smiling Mind

Your kids can learn about meditation early with the use of this app. You can teach them about the wonders of meditation, starting at just 7 years old! You can create your family’s accounts and let them manage their meditations individually, some teachers even use this app in the classroom setting!


Meditation Timer Pro

This app has a minimalist, practical user interface. You can use its factory settings, or customize your app with chimes and other sounds that you may prefer. It also helps you keep track of your meditation progress.



Like some of the aforementioned apps, this app is aimed towards meditation beginners. Many people want to get into meditation, but don’t quite know where to start. This is a great app to help you get started with meditation and mindfulness techniques. It really helps you ease into meditation and offers you content for sleep, mornings, and more. It’s free to use, but if you want to unlock more content you can choose to get the premium subscription!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced meditator, there’s an app for you. These meditation apps make a great addition to your busy lifestyle. Go through each and pick the best one for you and your schedule!

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