5 Tips for Running a Great Influencer Marketing Campaign

Every business should focus on running an excellent influencer marketing campaign. Influencers are powerful and are currently taking the internet and business world by storm. Small businesses now have the opportunity to generate nearly the same level of web presence as big companies who can afford to hire celebrities.

Influencers have audiences of authentic people who genuinely enjoy their content and trust their recommendations. Integrating that aspect into your digital campaign can result in some significant positive outcomes for your business, regardless of what you’re trying to achieve.


Get Someone Authentic

Get involved with influencers who are in line with whatever it is you are selling. For example, it’s easy to get somebody to help promote some kind of nutritional product, but if they don’t really believe in it, the partnership will inevitably have repercussions.

Or maybe, unbeknownst to you, the product you are trying to promote is not very effective. Yet you stand by it and have an influencer promote it for you. Then six months later after other people have bought and tried it, it comes out that it is a fraudulent product. This would not only tarnish your brand but the influencer’s brand as well.

Try to truly stay authentic to who you are and the influencers you hire. Everything in the entrepreneur space is going to be for the long haul, so there’s no point in doing something that only works in the short term.


Use Instagram and YouTube Initially

When you have a small budget, a good initial strategy to have would be using Instagram and YouTube influencers to get your message across. This works best for small companies and businesses that might not have a sufficient budget yet. Once you’ve started, you can get the momentum going from there.


Do your Research

This is a surefire way to know if someone is a good fit for your business. Find out what their website is like, check out their social media platforms. If they’re an influencer on Instagram, check out their other platforms as well: Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Your goal is not to get more and more influencers to promote your product instantaneously, you want to do your due diligence. You want to find influencers that are genuine, don’t just hire someone because they have a large following.


Offer Value

Don’t be the kind of client that just asks and takes, offer up some value. It could be a work trade, something like a video collaboration on social media that would be relevant to both of your audiences. Or it could be something like an affiliate link, so if they promote your product and help drive sales, they can also get a certain amount of commission.

Don’t say something like, “Hey, here’s my product. Can you promote it for me?” Always offer something in return because nobody wants to be sold to, not even influencers. Most people want a reciprocated relationship.


Join Conversations

If you have an influencer in mind that you would love to work with, direct message them! Start a conversation, build a relationship, and then see if you think they’d be a good fit for your business. Pay attention to them and start conversations so they recognize you and your business as a worthwhile partnership.

Try to inject yourself into the conversation first before even reaching out to them. Give instead of taking. Even when it comes to commenting or following them, these are both ways that you’re adding value. Adding value upfront is a great way to create a positive relationship with an influencer or anybody else out there.

Starting an influencer marketing campaign gets easier by not only knowing, but understanding that influencers are real people with real followers.

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