3 Ways to Integrate Facebook Live With Your Marketing Campaign

Video marketing is something you should consider adding to your social media marketing. One of the primary reasons why your competitors haven’t delved into it is the supposed cost, and failing to realize that it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Your business shouldn’t miss out on the value that video marketing brings to the table.

The most cost-effective video marketing you can do is through Facebook Live. Reach out to your customers where they are, in real time, and let them ask you questions about your business. Here’s how you can make the most of Facebook Live for your marketing efforts.


Bring Your Audience With You, Virtually

You can’t bring your entire audience to one physical location, so why not bring the experience to them?

For years, news outlets and journalists have taken us directly to news stories and events through live videos. Now, everyday people can make this possible with the use of Facebook Live.

Let your audience witness the behind-the-scenes of your business, or give them a sneak peek at an upcoming product launch. Make sure you promote your broadcast as much as possible. This way you won’t have to wait for your audience to tune in when you’re going live, they’ll already be anticipating the live stream.


Collaborate With An Influencer

One of the most valuable tools a marketer can use is co-marketing. You can increase your exposure to your target audiences by collaborating with an influencer. To start, recognize the influencer(s) who are the most relevant to your audience and feature them in your broadcast.

Influencers are followed by a lot of people, so they’re good partners to have on camera. Remember that your broadcasts will have to be both informative and entertaining.

After finding a partner, lay out the topics you want this individual to discuss. For example, if you sell women’s accessories, find someone who can show how they style some of your products. If you manage a gym, a fitness personality can demonstrate a short exercise routine the audience can do with your gym’s equipment.

Co-marketing is all about building a relationship that’s beneficial to both sides, so it can cost you little to nothing if the influencer you choose is a good match for your brand. Many influencers are happy to do trade deals with businesses who align with their values and personal branding.


Host a Talk Show

Facebook Live was never meant to be a one-person show. You can run talk show sessions for your business and discuss major topics in your field to get your users engaged. You can also have a few colleagues do the broadcast with you. This is a great tip for strengthening your customer relationships by getting them familiar with who you are and who you work with.

Be sure to plan out what you are going to discuss prior to the show. Plan as far in advance as possible. A few weeks before your broadcast, choose your hosts and the topics that you want to be discussed. This way, you won’t be caught off guard by some questions or comments made during the broadcast.

Remember to always invite your viewers to stay tuned to future broadcasts and offer incentives when you can. You can hint at a surprise giveaway or discount the next time you’re going live. Also, monitor the comments made during every show and answer as many questions as you can during each session.

Facebook Live continues to be a useful tool for social media marketers, so make sure you use it to your advantage!

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