The 3 Things Learned from My Strategy Session with Gary Vee

Want to know the 3 things I learned from my strategy session with Gary Vee?

Last week I had a strategy session with Gary Vee and it was eye-opening.

I learned about Gary Vee a few years ago. His message really stood out to me. I love the fact that Gary is just there to offer up value and doesn’t ask for anything in return. This is a pretty rare find these days. Everyone has something to sell. I also read his book Crushing It and listen to his content regularly. I don’t have to tell you how inspiring his message is. So this is what I learned from my strategy session with Gary Vee.

1. Create content

Pretty much his answer to ANY question was create more content. If you want to get your message across – create and refine your message. Then create videos, audio pieces, blog posts and post all of this to social media. Add value! Add value! Add value! Find where you are users are engaging on social media and create daily content. And creating content once a month or once a week isn’t going to cut it anymore. That might have been possible a few years ago, but in order to stay relevant, you have to get content out everyday!

2. Go after what you are passionate about

Gary’s point here is that if you are not passionate about your work or your project or your business, it’s going to show. And your competitor, who is passionate about that same project is going to corner the market because he/she lives and breathes this stuff. So don’t just go for something because you think you can make short term cash out of it. Go for what you love to do.

3. This is for the long haul

If you want to be successful, you will be in this for the long haul. Again, don’t try to just go for a business to make some quick cash. To build a business, we have to be in it for the long haul. And that requires passion, hard work and dedication. Anything that we do short term will just a be a smudge in history.

Are you following these three pieces of Gary’s advice – creating content, being passionate about your project and staying the long course?

One of the key points that entrepreneurs and startups ask me about is how do I create content daily?

The trick is to streamline and repurpose your content. NOT to create content every day and spend hours on it.

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