Being an Entrepreneur is a Marathon Not a Sprint

If you have ever run a marathon, you’ll know that the process is a much longer experience than a sprint. You put all your energy and effort into your sprint, while in a marathon you might have to stop or slow down at some point and then get back on your feet again. The same can be said for entrepreneurship.

There are points in a marathon where you may be speeding, but there may also be some points where you have to slow. That’s analogous with entrepreneurship. There will be times where we’re excited to be working on a project, pushing it forward and giving it all our energy. But at the same time, after that project is done you should think about slowing down and taking stock of everything you’ve accomplished. Take a break, because it’s not sustainable to sprint all the time – physically or mentally.


Learn to Slow Down

Ezra Firestone, a guru in entrepreneurship that I follow, recently talked about how he believes that everyone has to stop or slow down at times. He also believes yoga and meditation are important for the well being of entrepreneurs, and just people in general. These things help us slow down and recognize that we can’t always be sprinting.

You could try to meditate every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes! Or you can try out yin or restorative yoga, both of which are more inclined towards stretching and holding poses for a few minutes versus regular vinyasa yoga.

These new experiences will be different for every person. Even if yoga or meditation isn’t up your alley, having an outlet to de-stress or disconnect from your work is always a good thing.


Find Balance

Try to find a happy medium between sprinting and giving yourself a break. It can be hard to balance sometimes, but it is attainable. For instance, when you’re in the middle of a project or you have a big client that’s very demanding, you may want to get everything done immediately. However, that usually isn’t possible, and trying to do everything at once isn’t good for your physical or mental health. Instead, try to keep a steady pace so you avoid burning yourself out.

You can try to de-stress by going on hikes, kayaking, or simply spending time in nature. Being in nature can be especially peaceful for busy people. If you’d rather skip the yoga, going on hikes is another great way to de-stress from any business situation.


Visualize Your Goals

As mentioned above, meditation can be great for you because it allows you to focus on your goals, not just for the day, but for the big picture as well. Center yourself to be a better entrepreneur, manager, leader and a better person overall.

Get involved and find success in your entrepreneurial journey by recognizing it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and find ways to de-stress when things get a bit overwhelming!

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